I am a multidisciplinary visual artist who is based in Toronto, Canada. At a very young age, I learned that drawing helped me listen, observe and engage in the world that surrounded me.

I was raised on art, by a large family of artists and travellers. My father was a sculptor and a collector of traditional art, textiles and handcrafts. While other children played in more traditional ways, I spent my days perusing my father’s many art books he used as reference for his collections. They were full of traditional textiles, patterned lacquer boxes, carpets, and aboriginal art. I spent hours studying their pictures – something in their simple repetitive patterns always intrigued me.

As a child, I started sketching and doodling taking inspiration from those books. I found myself obsessed with drawing these patterns and creating my own. In my teenage years and young adult life, I studied history, international relations and foreign language education. For work and study I travelled to Asia, the Middle East and North Africa, documenting the patterns I encountered through out my travels.

Along the way I developed my artistic style. I’ve come to understand my art as a practice I use process my world – the places, experiences, thoughts, dreams, and patterns dancing in my head to bring observers into my mind, into the process and thus into themselves. My artwork is not only about the finished product – it’s about the process – travelling, observing, finding inspiration, engaging with my subject, interpreting it through lines, colours and shapes, and expressing it on paper to share it with the world. In my work I experiment with a variety of mediums – often combining them together to create mixed media works.

Now that I have spent many years teaching and travelling, I feel strongly about pursuing my passion for artwork. I am now studying in the Fine Arts Studio Program at Centennial College in Toronto. My courses are a mix of painting, drawing and sculpture, and as well professional artistic practices. I am taking advantage of the opportunity to explore new modes of expression and mediums and am excited to see where it will take me.